Region 70:30 formula for medical admissions scrapped

राज्य शासनाने वैद्यकीय प्रवेश प्रक्रियेतील ७०:३० फॉर्म्युला रद्द केला आहे.

Maharashtra state government scrapped the formula of 70:30 for medical admissions

70:30 कोटा पद्धतीमुळे गुणवंत विद्यार्थी वैद्यकीय प्रवेशापासून वंचित राहतात, त्यामुळे राज्य सरकार ही कोटा पद्धत रद्द करत असल्याची घोषणा अमित देशमुख यांनी केली. तसंच यापुढे ‘वन स्टेट वन मेरिट’ राहिल असंही देशमुख यांनी सांगितलं.

The issue of 70 percent regional quota for admission to MBBS course in the state was scrapped on Tuesday. In what has come as a major relief to Marathwada students.

The number of medical colleges in the state’s Marathwada and Vidarbha regions are less compared to other areas. Hence, students from these regions suffered during admissions in medical colleges.

Students and parents in the state had since long been demanding the scrapping of the contentious 70:30 formula for admissions in medical courses.

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